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                                                     Why does cellulite develop & what is the best way to treat it?




Cellulite has different stages and is a condition that can be caused by physiological and hormonal factors, such as hormones, genetics & physical inactivity. You may think only overweight individuals have cellulite, that is not true! Cellulite ends up in the upper skin layers, so even if you lose the weight, the cellulite may not always disappear! Although some men get cellulite, its is more common in women. Studies have found that approximately 80-90% of woman will experience cellulite at some point in their lives.

Initially, when people realise that they have some form of cellulite, generally they will increase their exercise & improve their diet to lose weight. This is a really great start and we highly recommended that our clients have a good commitment to some form of exercise and healthy diet. Exercise and healthy diet can help reduce the appearance of cellulite as exercise improves circulation and contributes to the reduction of fat. This does not mean the cellulite will go away and you may still have difficulty losing fat in stubborn areas such as tummy, thighs, buttocks, love handles. And if you have cellulite and not overweight, a more specific tailored treatment is recommended.


Lipo Laser Fat Reduction

Lipo-Sculpt Lite Target Fat Loss with Advanced Laser Body Shaping Revolutionary new soft laser technology that reduces pockets of unwanted fat painlessly - that diet and exercise fail to achieve. The soft laser light breaks down those stubborn fat cells to give you a slimmer, more athletic appearance.

Wood Therapy

Wood therapy, is a vigorous massage with hand-held wooden tools that effectively contours the body without harming the skin or tissue. ​ Many of our clients swear by wood therapy because they're seeing noticeable changes in their body!

Cellulite Reduction

The radio frequency skin tightening is very effective for increasing blood circulation and tightening the skin. It causes the fatty deposits under your skin to drain out through your lymphatic system, which significantly reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Cavitation Skin Tightening

This treatment is suitable for everybody, especially those looking to target fine lines and wrinkles or excess skin. Radio Frequency is a relaxing treatment that involves the application of a cosmetic gel and a warm wand passing over the skin in sweeping circular motions. The wand gently heats the lower levels of the skin to approximately 40 C. This tricks the brain into thinking there has been a potential injury and stimulates a healing response. This in turn causes increased collagen production and tightening of elastin fibers. The tightening of elastin fibers is instant, meaning he skin appears tighter and lifted from the first treatment.


Vacuum therapy offers deep massaging effects. The procedure works for buttock toning by:


* decreasing muscle tension

* increasing lymphatic flow to remove toxins and water   retention

* exfoliating the skin, thereby making it smoother and more toned in appearance

* stimulating the middle layers of skin for increased toning effects

* decreasing the appearance of cellulite

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